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Useful Packing Tips

Useful Packing Tips

You Should Pack Smart for Your Urban Vacation


Packing for an urban vacation isn’t as simple as you may think, which is why we decided to turn your attention towards several helpful pointers that you use for your voyage preparations.


Place All Cables and Cords in Case


Cables and cords tend to untangle and end up taking more place than necessary. A simple yet effective solution for this unpleasant issue is to put them a case or small box. If you don’t have one at hand, you can use an old glass case. This way, you won’t only save valuable space but you will also know the exact whereabouts of your cables and cords during unpacking.


Secure Your Jewelry


Most pieces of jewelry are delicate and we all know how luggage is handled at airports. The easiest way to ensure their safety would be to place them in a pill case. Medicine containers are known for their durability and are compact enough to not take too much space in your suitcase.


Always Keep Your Underwear Separate from Your Other Items


It is not a fluke that suitcases have separate compartments and one of them is specially made for your underwear. Undergarments should be kept separately in order to prevent them from getting soiled. Once you arrive at your destination, unpack your underwear and use the underclothing compartment of your suitcase as a storage place for your used undergarments.


Never Fold


Most people make the common mistake of folding their clothes and end up losing valuable space in their suitcases. The most efficient approach would be to fold your shirts and pants. This way, you will be able to take more things with you and have the peace of mind that you will never run out of clean clothes during your urban vacation.


Never Pack Your Documents


Your personal documents should be with you at all time. Packing them in your suitcase will not only over-complicate things during the check-in procedure but it can also have disastrous consequences if you have the misfortune of losing your luggage.

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